Prozac® and Pregnancy

If you are taking Prozac® to treat your depression and are considering becoming pregnant or do become pregnant, you should speak with your doctor about whether continuing use is right for you. Babies are at risk of suffering some birth defects if they are exposed to Prozac® while their mothers are pregnant.

For those who took Prozac® while pregnant and gave birth to a baby with a defect, a birth defect lawsuit may be right for them. To find out if you qualify for financial compensation, please contact our Prozac® birth defect lawyers today.

Pregnancy Category

Prozac® is a drug that is prescribed for treating major depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa, and panic disorder. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada have warned that Prozac® and similar antidepressants may have adverse effects on developing fetuses.

The FDA has categorized Prozac® in its Pregnancy Class C, which warns that animal reproduction studies have shown adverse effects of Prozac® on the fetus during pregnancy. Specific studies cannot be performed on human pregnant women due to moral issues.

Prozac® and Pregnancy Side Effects

Women who are pregnant and taking Prozac®, or plan to become pregnant, are advised to talk with their doctor about whether they should continue taking Prozac® or switch to another medication because of the safety risks of Prozac® to pregnancy.

The pregnancy side effects of Prozac® include newborns born with heart defects, serious lung conditions, physical deformities, developmental delays, and painful drug withdrawal.

Depression Treatment Options for Pregnant Women

Part of the conversation that a prospective mother must have with the doctor before taking a pregnancy test is whether the effects of the condition that Prozac® is prescribed to treat is a bigger risk to the safety of the pregnancy and whether there are alternative treatments that would be effective.

Alternative treatment options include other antidepressants, talk therapy or behavioral therapy. Women should not stop taking their prescribed medications without consulting their doctors.

Talk to a Prozac® Birth Defect Lawyer

If your doctor did not advise you of the safety risks associated with taking Prozac® while pregnant and your child was born with mild or serious birth problems, you should talk to a Prozac® birth defect attorney as soon as possible. A qualified Prozac® birth defects lawyer for might be able to help you get financial compensation for your injuries and loss.

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Side Effects

Infants who are exposed to Prozac® and other antidepressants during fetal development have an increased risk of suffering birth defects, including: